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KMA SA is a registered South African company, founded in 1998, based in Durban ,the largest port in Africa on the east coast of South Africa, servicing the entire sub-Saharan African region. KMA SA distributes and ships product globally to customers all around the world. Initially a polymer, raw material and plastics supplier, KMA SA Marketing has expanded it’s business into importing and exporting a wide range of products across different industries.

KMA SA markets products from some of the world’s leading polymer, petrochemical and industrial manufacturing companies. Our company’s product range includes both commodity and speciality polymers, compounds, chemicals and coatings.

Continuously expanding our product range, we focus on bringing customers the latest technology and  innovative materials available.


When KMA SA was founded in 1998, we initially focused on the supply of virgin and recycled plastics and our own manufactured leather products. Over the past few years the company shifted its focus to a broad range of thermoplastics including TPE’s and polyurethanes.  Presently the company’s polymer product range covers both commodity and speciality plastic materials as well as a range of additives for the paint, paper and plastics industry.

With our continued search for value-added quality products for our customers we have been able to diversify.

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To grow a global company that continually strives to be the most efficient and cost effective sourcing company for polymers, plastics , chemical and commodity products globally.



To enhance the wealth and well being of all our stakeholders whilst developing a business that promotes good social and environmental values.