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Plastics and Polymers

International supplier and sourcing agent of plastic raw materials,
virgin plastics and recycle plastics.


Moving forward in the formulation of TPR, TPE, TPU and PVC.
Innovating formulas for a variety of uses.


Suppliers of, internationally recognised, CLD Fencing.
Steel mesh, high end security fencing to protect your assets.


Technical and commercial management and strategy
assessments and development.

KMA SA Marketing (Pty)Ltd began in 1998, serving the sub-Saharan African region with reliable and sustainable service.
In 2018 we registered our subsidiary company Lorec LLC,  in the USA.




Trading in plastic raw materials and polymers since 1998, with a collective staff knowledge of 80 years experience, KMA SA Marketing, supplies you with the best products available.


KMA SA Marketing has been formulating PVC, TPR, TPE and PE compounds since our inception. Our formulas have been approved internationally and can be adapted for multiple applications.


Partnering with international fencing supplier and manufacturer CLD Fencing, KMA SA supplies high end security, steel mesh fencing throughout Africa. For factories, farmers and other land owners.


KMA SA Marketing offers a variety of technical and business services to help your business reach its full potential. Ranging from engineering formulas to business strategy.

Innovative Anti-Static Plastic Compound

KMA SA Marketing Launches Innovative Anti-static Compound KMA SA Marketing is now manufacturing a range of anti-static compounds for use in plastic products. Anti-static compounds are in high demand because they neutralize static discharge from polar materials. What...

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Plastic Moulding

DIFFERENT WAYS OF MOULDING PLASTIC Plastic is moulded into its shapes in various ways. Below are four 'post cards' to help explain the differences between: rotational moulding (a.k.a. roto-moulding), blow moulding, injection moulding and extrusion moulding....

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Plastic Recycle Symbols

RECYCLE AT A GLANCE This article is split into three sections: What type of plastics can be recycled and how are they recycled? What do the plastic recycle symbols stand for? Fashion and recycled plastics. Go to the bottom. What type of plastics can be recycled and...

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Plastic Acronyms- What they Stand For

Do you ever wonder what people mean when they say that your bottle is made of PET? Or what the HDPE on the bottom of your household cleaning supplies and bucket mean? We may not describe it to you in detail in this article however we can make your life a little easier...

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Polyvinyl Chloride- PVC

POLYVINYL CHLORIDE- PVC KMA SA Marketing markets a variety of PVC polymers and compounds. We also custom formulate PVC compounds for various applications and can advise customers on their PVC polymer requirements. With over 30 years experience in PVC manufacturing we...

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The 101 on Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)

Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) KMA SA Marketing doesn’t only supply TPR we also custom formulate compounds for many of our clients. See our products page for more information on what we can supply. Ever wondered what rubber is? More importantly, what 'TPR' on the bottom...

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