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Plastics and Polymers

International supplier and sourcing agent of plastic raw materials,
virgin plastics and recycle plastics.


Moving forward in the formulation of TPR, TPE, TPU and PVC.
Innovating formulas for a variety of uses.


Technical and commercial management and strategy
assessments and development.

KMA SA Marketing (Pty)Ltd began in 1998, serving the sub-Saharan African region with reliable and sustainable service.




Trading in plastic raw materials and polymers since 1998, with a collective staff knowledge of 80 years experience, KMA SA Marketing, supplies you with the latest technology and innocative materials available.


KMA SA Marketing has been formulating PVC, TPR, TPE and PE compounds since our inception. Our formulas have been approved internationally and can be adapted for multiple applications.


KMA SA Marketing offers a variety of technical and business services to help your business reach its full potential. Ranging from engineering formulas to business strategy.

Are Paper Straws Better Than Plastic?

Paper Straws vs Plastic Straws It is great that we are living in a world where people want to be more environmentally conscious and aware. However, people can easily be prey to following trends through misleading information and advertising.   What’s the Deal...

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Today we will answer the questions: what is PVC resin? What is PVC resin used for? and How is PVC resin made?   What is PVC Resin?  As we know from our previous article, PVC is an acronym for polyvinyl chloride. PVC resin is a white powder commonly used to...

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Difference between Styrofoam™ and Polystyrene

SWhat is the Difference Between Styrofoam™ and Polystyrene? Like Typex, Q-tip or Kleenex, Styrofoam has become a household name to refer to polystyrene products, however this is a huge, common, misconception. Styrofoam™ is a Dow trade name and is actually blue in...

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Latest News on BPA (Bisphenol A) Study

FDA’s current perspective, based on its most recent safety assessment, is that BPA is safe at the current levels occurring in foods.   For the past two years the FDA have conducted a research program known as Consortium Linking Academic and Regulatory Insights on...

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SBS and Thermoplastic Rubbers As we have discussed previously in the post called Thermoplastic Rubber, TPE is the abbreviation of the name Thermoplastic Elastomer and TPR is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Rubber. They both have the plasticity of plastic and the...

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2017 and Plastics

Plastics Market 2017 and 2016 ...well some of it... Welcome 2017! Here are some statistics about the plastics market from 2016 going into 2017. KMA SA Marketing is very excited for the plastics market in 2017 as we take hold of new opportunities and grow. According to...

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