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KMA SA Marketing began its journey in 1998. Concentrating on the Sub-Saharan African region we began to grow and service other regions of the continent and the world.


Initially marketing and distributing a variety of speciality polymers and plastic products. Our product range expanded to include, plastic raw materials, industrial chemicals, agricultural products and minerals.


With our teams' knowledge and expertise, we also offer clients a range of technical business services such as product formulation, sourcing plant and equipment and assisting clients with improving production efficiency.

We strive to offer turnkey solutions to our clients.


Continuously expanding our product range, we focus on bringing customers the latest technology and innovative materials available.

Our Mission

To grow a global company that continually strives to be the most efficient and cost effective sourcing company for our clients.

Our Philosophy

To promote good social and environmental values through our business activities. Helping to make the world a better place.

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