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Innovative Anti-Static Plastic Compound

KMA SA Marketing Launches Innovative Anti-static Compound

KMA SA Marketing is now manufacturing a range of anti-static compounds for use in plastic products. Anti-static compounds are in high demand because they neutralize static discharge from polar materials.

What anti-static we supply?

KMA SA Marketing has a general purpose anti- static compound which is ideal for TPR and TPE injection moulding for shoes, toys and automotive components. We also offer an anti-static masterbatch that can be blended into: polyethylene’s (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate (PC) and styrene based products.

Why use an anti-static compound?

In short:

  1. To avoid static discharge that can cause electrical interference, fires or shorts.

  2. Reduce dust collection/ build up

  3. Ideal for high-risk areas where anti-static is critical such as: fuel/petrol stations, hospitals, airports, computer rooms, cell phone centres and facilities with high fire risk.

Anti-static compounds can be used in a variety of products including: shoe soles, cell phone covers, plastic displays, medical pill dispensers, aerosol devices, toys automotive parts and more.

What is an anti-static compound or masterbatch?

Before diving into what an anti-static compound/ masterbatch is, it is a good idea to understand the basics of static electricity.

When people first think of static electricity they imagine two objects rubbing together -like a balloon on someone’s hair or shoes on nylon carpets which in turns creates the reaction of the person’s hair standing on end or sparks. This spark generated by static can be dangerous in certain environments no matter how small it may be which is why anti-static agents are so important.

The rubbing process in which static can be created is often referred to as the triboelectric effect however it’s not only the rubbing that’s important but more so the repeated contact between the

different materials.

You see, different materials have different charges- either positive, neutral or negative- the further apart the two materials are in terms of their positive and negative charge the more static electricity will build up when you put them in contact. (These polarity amounts can be found on the *triboelectric series.)

This is where anti-statics come in! An anti-static compound or masterbatch is used to neutralize the products/ the charges and prevent any static buildup or discharge.

For more information or to place an order please contact KMA SA Marketing.

*”The Triboelectric Series is a list of materials showing which have a greater tendency to become positive (+) and which have a greater tendency to become negative (−). The list is a handy tool to determine which combinations of materials create the most static electricity.” – Ron Kurtus’ School of Champions

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